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Concrete removal from Nu-Look Driveways is fast, affordable, and effective. Our technicians are experts and will be able to discern immediately upon reviewing your project what tools are necessary. One of the main decisions to be made early on in the process of concrete removal is whether to employ a sledgehammer or jackhammer. Making the correct choice here—as our team always does—has reverberating effects on the rest of the project.

Disposing of the concrete once it has been broken up and removed is a process that many contractors handle differently. You can trust that Nu-Look Driveways will remove every single iota of concrete from your premises, without leaving a trace behind. We take pride in leaving our project premises completely free of concrete!

Our team of technicians remove and replace sidewalks, patios, porches and stairs. All of our tear-out and replacement of new concrete includes a high-grade commercial strength cement mix that comes with a full one-year warranty. All of your old and cracked concrete will be torn out and hauled away. We will be doing extensive ground prep work to provide you with a sound sub-grade that will include, grading, the addition of road base and heavy compaction before we order new concrete. Your new concrete will be the same mix required for city and county jobs like curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Your new concrete will be much stronger than the typical residential mix that you now have which is typically 3,000psi. However, your new concrete will be 4,000psi. Because of our icy roads in the winter months and the extensive use of magnesium chloride that cause the erosion of concrete surfaces, we recommend a special concrete sealer to help protect your new concrete form spalling and deterioration which is caused by this chemical.

We have been executing world-class concrete removal for years and know what it takes to get the job done. Do not mistake our experience for a lack of modern initiative, however! We only use the most updated and effective equipment for concrete removal that the market and industry offer.

If you are looking for truly professional concrete removal and replacement,look no further than Nu-Look Driveways! Call us today for a free bid.