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At Nu-Look Driveways, with our 30 years of rich experience, we have built the reputation as the leading concrete contractor in the greater Lakewood, CO area. Our mission is to alleviate the anxiety and stress that go into any concrete demolition project—and we do so within your budget.

Depending on site access and the size of the job, there are many methods that can be performed to demo concrete. For smaller jobs, we can cut concrete into pieces, allowing it to be removed by hand. For jobs with limited access and no vibration limit, we can use jackhammers to break up the concrete into little pieces so it can be easily removed by hand. For larger projects with better access, we utilize a skid-steer and a variety of excavation machines.

Our concrete demo services include:

• Concrete Hauling—We load up all of your disposed and unwanted concrete materials into our truck and handle the transportation to the dump or the recycling plant.

• Concrete Driveway Removal—Have you recently replaced your concrete driveway? If you have then chances are you have a whole heap of useless concrete on your hands. Let us here at Nu-Look Driveways remove it from your property.

• Concrete Demolition Removal—From foundations and parking lots to walls and decks, we can handle any size concrete demolition hauling.

Demolition is a messy business, but we can help you manage the mess here at Nu-Look Driveways. We are committed to thorough concrete demo in Lakewood, CO and know we can help you no matter what your demo project entails.

We have worked with all kinds of clients, all with different needs, and would like to work with you, so call us now!